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Hello, I'm Simon Jones, otherwise known as the person behind MELT.

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This isn't your average web design company.

MELT was founded back in 1998 when dial-up modems were how you accessed the net in the heady days before Google and all social media. Over the years, I deliberately remained independent, avoiding the temptation to become yet another company spouting marketing rubish into a world already drowning in slogans. I wanted to work with companies and individuals who sought to communicate with, rather than bombard, their customers, clients and users.

Twenty years on, MELT works with a select group of customers helping them to effectively utilize the internet. If you need bells and whistles then I'm probably not your guy. However, if you need insight and expertise that will help you craft your presence online, then we should talk.



Website Design


Writing & SEO


Site Management


Hosting & Support

There's much more to a good website than simply its design. I've helped my clients craft their message online, provided ongoing technical support, SEO and training, as well as hosting and domain management.

Trusted Expertise

The majority of MELT customers have been with me for more than a decade, building unique and trusted business relationships that benefit from understanding and experience. If you're looking for a real person to provide you with genuine personal service, then we should talk.

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